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MediaTouch - Certified Moodle Partner

Since 2000 MediaTouch has been working with learning technologies and since 2004 MediaTouch has been appointed certified partner of the largest online open source training environment: Moodle. Thanks to a deep and sound knowledge about Moodle, MediaTouch delivers complex training and organizational projects for large corporate, Government and international entities. MediaTouch learning services are based on enterprise managed hosting cloud services, which are built to ensure maximum reliability, security, flexibility and performance for your Moodle environment.

Website: https://www.mediatouch.it

Twitter: @MediaTouch2000

Official Sponsorship

Maticmind Logo

Maticmind is a leading-edge Italian system integrator able to offer Data Center&Cloud, Unified Communication&Collaboration, Security, Application and Networking value added solutions. Strongly committed in addressing customer business needs, the company is recognized by the market for its strong technical competencies in planning, designing, implementing and managing ICT infrastructures, and for its ability to grant a high level of support, during the entire solution lifecycle. Maticmind is strongly focused on Financial Services, Service Providers, Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Energy and Government.

Website: https://www.maticmind.it

Twitter: @Maticmind  LinkedIn: Maticmind Spa  Google+: Maticmind Spa

Advanced Sponsorship

Tagliabue Sistemi Logo

Since 1985 Tagliabue Sistemi has been realizing and manufacturing furniture, elements, technology and complete solutions to communicate in many working spaces and for the many companies needs: meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, executive rooms, auditorium, videoconference and technology rooms.

Website: https://www.tagliabuesistemi.com/

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Wooclap Logo

Wooclap is an interactive platform used by more than 60,000 teachers to boost classes through the use of smartphones. Wooclap is the fruit of a collaboration with neuroscientists, educational engineers and professors, and has the particularity to interconnect with Moodle, PowerPoint and other platforms used by teachers.

Website: https://www.wooclap.com

Facebook: Wooclap  Twitter: @wooclap  LinkedIn: Wooclap  Google+: Wooclap  Instagram: wooclap  YouTube: Wooclap

Base Sponsorship


ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology and high-quality voices are used by schools and publishers around the world to provide an audio version of content, while highlighting the text at the same time. ReadSpeaker’s suite of learning tools are used to improve learning results, comprehension, motivation and self-esteem for all learners of all sorts.

Website: http://www.readspeaker.com/it/educazione/moodle

Twitter: @readspeaker  Facebook: ReadSpeaker

Base Sponsorship


Pearson is the world-leading company in the education business: we bring our publishing proposals and our learning services in more than 70 countries spanning accross 5 continents. Pearson offers state-of-the-art solutions to meet the demands of the new millenium's institutions, teachers and students, through more and more innovative and flexible teaching solutions, the advancement of the digital, and the production of tailored contents for its partners.

Website: https://it.pearson.com/

Twitter: @PearsonItalia  Facebook: PearsonItalia  Instagram: PearsonItalia  YouTube: PearsonItalia

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